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  • 20 Minutes of Transcription for free, no restriction

  • Valid for 30 days

  • No credit card required

  • All Languages available


24.99 / month
  • 250 Minutes of Transcription per Month

  • Cost per Minute: 0.100

  • Base price per minute transcribed

  • All Languages available


39.99 / month
  • 500 Minutes of Transcription per Month

  • Cost per Minute: 0.080

  • Save 9.99 € / Month on base price

  • All Languages available


74.99 / month
  • 1250 Minutes of Transcription per Month

  • Cost per Minute: 0.060

  • Save 49.96 € / Month on base price

  • All Languages available


Frequent questions

Do you have some questions ? Find answers in our FAQ.

How do I get started with OneTranscriber App?

It's easy: you first sign-up with valid email address and then download the OneTranscriber App. After installation and launch on your local PC, you authenticate with the same credentials (email and password used for sign-up) and you can start to transcribe your audio. A free trial of 5 minutes is already included?

What kind of audio can I get transcribed with OneTranscriber?

OneTranscriber captures the audio played by your output devices, e.g. PC Output Speakers, Headsets Speakers and any other output connected to your pc on any port. When you launch the App, OneTranscriber automatically recognizes all the output devices active on your PC, so that you can select the one you prefer. You can also select the language that is spoken among many (English US is the default selected)e.g. You click on "Start" button and OneTranscriber starts to provide the transcripts in real-time of what is spoken by the audio device and in the language you selected (note: it does not translate! it transcribes!). Once you're done, you click on "Stop" button and the transcription finishes. You can look, analyze, modify, copy wherever you want, the text that has been transcribed until you start the next session.

Do I need an internet connection to use OneTranscriber?

Yes, you can use OneTranscriber only if your pc is connected to internet. And also for the login you must be online.

Is the software fully secure and data (my account data, transcripts, etc.) protected and kept private from malicious?

OneTranscriber implements the best security standards by adopting encrypted communication protocols based on trusted CA Certificates ("Let's Encrypt"), so that your transcripts can be seen and are available only to you. Security is one of the core elements of OneTranscriber. Your transcripts are not stored anywhere, they are only displayed during the usage of the App, after the Stop and until you close the App or start the next session.

What audio can I get transcribed with OneTranscriber? Can I also transcribe my own voice via microphone?

Currently OneTranscriber provides real-time transcripts of what is played by output audio devices on your PC, that is real-time transcripts from microphone is not supported yet. As a workaround, you can first register your speech captured via microphone, and afterwards play the registered audio file (that will happen through output device) and get the real-time transcripts with OneTranscriber.

I use other software for conference calls (like MS Teams, Google Meet, Skpye, Zoom, etc.), is OneTranscriber compatible?

OneTranscriber is independent from any other software you run on your pc. OneTranscriber provides the transcription in real-time of whatever is played by the audio output device on your pc; and the audio can be played through any software like media players, any browser and any website, any collaboration or meeting/call tools, as far as the audio comes out of the Audio Device you can select in OneTranscriber.

Do I need to sign-up in order to download the OneTranscriber App?

Yes, you need to sign-up with a valid email address (that will be verified during registration, asking for click on confirmation link as per standard email verification). After the authentication with your credentials, you can download the app and start using it.

Do I need to activate a Subscription or to pay anything to start using the OneTranscriber App?

No, after you successfully sign-up and download the OneTranscriber App, you can install on your PC and authenticate with your credentials. As a new User you will automatically get a Free-Usage Trial consisting of 5 minutes of transcripts. Once the free-usage is consumed, you will have to activate a Subscription plan in the Website by accessing with your credentials.

How the Subscription Period (start and expiration date) is defined?

The Subscription starts on the day:hour:minute you get payment confirmation during the activation. The expiration date of the period is just after 30 days, same hour and minutes. During the subscription period, the minutes of transcriptions available for the Plan that you have purchased will be available until the consumption.

I have a Subscription Plan Medium with 1000 minutes: until when the 1000 minutes of transcription will be available?

The minutes included in the Subscription Plan that you have activated will be available for the entire period of 30 days (from start day:hour:minute until day+30, same hour and minute). After the end date of the period, in case of subscription renewal, the new subscription period will be activated and the total available minutes top-up to the initial value.

Are the minutes accumulated across the subsequent subscription periods? For example, in case I have 100 minutes left over, are they added to the next period?

The minutes that are not consumed during a period, are not added or saved for the following. The next subscription period re-starts resetting to the total amount of minutes corresponding to the subscribed plan.

If I finish all the minutes before the expiration date, can I recharge or top up for additional?

No, in case you finish all the minutes before the end date of the current period, you have to wait for the renewal, and in case subscribe to a higher plan.

How do I activate a Subscription after the Trial?

You can activate a Subscription by accessing the Website and authenticating with your credentials (email and password). In the dashboard you can select your preferred Pricing solution to get Minutes-per-Month transcripts. When you click on "Buy Now", you're redirect to the secure payment page (manage via Stripe) where you enter the details and confirm the transaction. Once the payment is completed and confirmed, you can see the Subscription active in the related section of your Profile page on the Website. And in the OneTranscriber App as well, after the login you will see the new Subscription data: amount of minutes you got, the remaining minutes and seconds (that are updated ongoing after the transcription sessions), start date and expiration date of the current plan, and your account data.

How do I cancel the Subscription?

You can cancel anytime via the Web portal online in your personal active subscriptions page. Remember to cancel before the expiration date if you don't want to pay for the upcoming month.

Once I activated a Subscription is the renewal automatic?

Yes, the subscription renew is automatic and charged to your credit card at the beginning of the period. If the payment fails for some reason, the subscription is deactivated.