All you can do with OneTranscriber App

Select Audio Device and Laguange to transcript 1

  • After login, One Transcriber App opens the main page, where you can select the Audio device and the Language.
  • The Audio Device menu automatically shows the output speakers list currently available on your pc (e.g. embedded Speakers of laptop). You have to select the device that you will be using to play audio.
  • The other menu provides the list of available Languages. Here you have to select the language of the audio; e.g. if you have a call in german, select deutsche, and the app will provide the german transcript (remember: One Transcriber provides transcript of the audio, not the translation).

Real-Time Transcripts 2

  • As soon as you PC Output Speakers reproduces audio, you can click on "Start" button and OneTranscriber starts to generate streaming transcript of the speech.
  • While audio is played by your PC speakers, OneTranscriber provides the related real-time transcripts in the textboxes-widgets of the app.
  • Transcripts are first displayed in the "Partial" upper box in real-time incrementally. At the beginning of a sentence (or more precicely, a natural speech segment), the transcripts are "partial" until the it is stabilized and can considered Final.
  • When the speech segment is Final, it's moved to the underlying textbox, in append: all the final speech segments are progressively appended top-down and the entire speech is tracked. The Partial box is cleaned back and starts to display the transcript of the following speech segment.
  • When you're done, click on "Stop" button and transcription generation ends with the last Partial sentence that was in progress. You can save your transcripts from the Final textbox by simply copy paste wherever you prefer. Starting a new session will reset both textboxes and new Transcription process will begin.

Tracking Usage and Minutes consumptions 3

  • As soon as the PC speakers play the audio, you can click the "Start" button and OneTranscriber will start generating the transcript of the streaming.
  • While the audio plays from your PC's speakers, OneTranscriber delivers its transcripts in real time in the app widget text boxes.
  • Transcripts first appear in the top box as "Partials" in real time and incrementally. In fact, at the beginning of a sentence (or more precisely of a segment of natural language), the transcriptions are "partial" until they stabilize and can be considered "Final".
  • When the speech segment becomes "Final", it is moved to the text box below, in append: all the final speech segments are progressively added from top to bottom and the entire speech is traced. The Partial box is then cleared and begins to display the transcription of the next vocal segment arriving from the speakers.
  • When you are done, click the "Stop" button and the generation of the transcript ends with the last partial sentence in progress. You can save your transcripts from the text box by simply copying and pasting wherever you like. Starting a new session with the "Start" button will restore both text boxes by emptying them of their content and starting a new transcription process.

Refresh to get updated Consumption data and start new Session 4

  • Clicking on Refresh button in the side bar, retrieves the updated remaining minutes.
  • You can start a new transcription session whenever you're ready.
  • And you can save or modify the script as you prefer.

Maximum Security and Data Privacy over network 5

  • One Transcriber requires Internet Connection to run and to integrate with server-side Machine-Learning advanced algorithm.
  • The App communicates with the server through a data-encryption protocol and it's code-signed with certificate issued by official Certificate-Authority, which ensures security and data protection.
  • No data is stored anywhere. The transcripts in real time appear only on your pc and cannot be intercepted or stolen on the network, so you are 100% protected (obviously as a general principle valid for any context and software we recommend that you always keep your pc protected with the latest patches of the Operating System and antivirus).