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Get real time transcripts with only one transcriber software

Accurate digital transcription and live captions of zoom meetings, microsoft teams calls, business meetings, videos, podcasts, or anything played on your PC, available in many languages; just 3 quick steps to start..

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The unique transcription software for pc, real time and multilingual, that works with any audio source

Powered by the best AI speech-to-text algorithms, the software generates automatic streaming captions of what is playing through your PC speakers by any other application and in several languages (including english, french, german, italian, spanish, chinese, japanese, and more).

Live Captioning for Meetings

Get real time transcriptions of Zoom Meetings, MS Teams meetings, Skype calls, conversations, Google Meet meetings and.. all the others. And in several transcription languages!

Learn a language through transcribing

Live subtitle generator for online foreign language lectures, remote classes, live events, interviews.

Podcast Transcripts

Transcribe your podcast while listening to your preferred episodes or automatically generate subtitles when watching videos in vlc or in chrome.

Closed captioning vs subtitles

Automatically generate subtitles as well as closed captions with timestamps that you get in real time and you can review later.

Transcribe Recordings

Get transcripts of audio file recordings by opening on PC with any audio player.

A software for transcriptionists

You can edit the scripts during the live transcription or save and review later with the help of timestamps on every sentence.

How to get started with transcriptions in 3 quick steps

Try for free and subscribe to a plan when you prefer

Installation Download and Launch

Install the App on your PC

Sign Up, Download the App, Run the Free Trial 1

Create a new account with your email, download, quickly install and launch the One Transcriber software. You get a free-trial usage of 5 minutes to get familiar with the App and try all the features.

Authenticate and launch the App

Choose the Audio Device and Transcription Language 2

Select the PC output audio device that plays the audio you want to transcribe (e.g. PC Speakers or Headset device) and choose the language that is spoken (note: there is no translation, only transcription).

Selection of Transcription Language and Playback Device
Transcriptions are provided in the applications text area

Enjoy the features

Get your real time Transcript 3

When you're ready, click Start and get the automatic transcript of what's currently playing on your pc, being Skype, MS Teams, Zoom calls, YouTube Videos or whatever you're hearing. Scripts are displayed in the app in real-time, while seconds and minutes are counted. You can save or modify the transcripts for later review.

Download the App for free

Free Trial, no payment card required, only sign-up.

Zoom meeting captions, or any other business meeting caption, vlc video/audio playing, Podcast, Chrome audio, YouTube Video, ... One Transcriber provides the text transcripts in real-time.

The data is processed through completely secure and encrypted protocols by the transcribing software. Data privacy and data protection are guaranteed.

Pick your Subscription Plan

Choose the best pricing option based on your needs


  • 20 Minutes of Transcription for free, no restriction

  • Valid for 30 days

  • No credit card required

  • All Languages available


24.99 / month
  • 250 Minutes of Transcription per Month

  • Cost per Minute: 0.100

  • Base price per minute transcribed

  • All Languages available


39.99 / month
  • 500 Minutes of Transcription per Month

  • Cost per Minute: 0.080

  • Save 9.99 € / Month on base price

  • All Languages available


74.99 / month
  • 1250 Minutes of Transcription per Month

  • Cost per Minute: 0.060

  • Save 49.96 € / Month on base price

  • All Languages available

Multiple Benefits

from the high quality of automated speech recognition

Save time, reduce effort

Run OneTranscriber during calls where you may only have a listener role, so you can still keep track of discussions while doing something more urgent in parallel.

Don't miss anything with 99 accuracy

With automatic transcripts you are sure to catch everything, maybe even important parts of a discussion or a lecture to be reviewed later.

Boost productivity with no turnaround times

Eliminate the effort of taking notes, focus on the content during calls, lectures, audios, by getting transcriptions without turnaround time and high quality at the same time.

Grow your language skills

By adding subtitles during conversations or while playing audio in a non-native language, you learn faster by improving your listening and understanding.

Our customers speak

Read what they say about us

Finally I found it, really unique for work
I have been looking for this type of audio transcription software for some time, it is really the only one that transcribes the audio reproduced by the speakers, and not like all the others that just transcribe the input provided to the microphone.
Dan Schwartz
I improved a lot language understanding
By getting digital transcription during calls at work, listening and speech of foreign language definitely improve (I use it in french). I found myself at ease during conversations and discussions, reaching very good confidence, and now I'm moving to fluent speaking!
Jane Guzmann
Management Consultant
Plenty of quality time saved and more productivity
I can do other things in parallel without losing anything during big meetings, as I can reread the transcript afterwards. And in case it is called into question, I always have the script ready in real time to retrieve the thread.
Helen Miller
Business Analyst
It's a game changer in online classes
I no longer miss anything during lessons or calls, always perfect notes thanks to the transcriptions. And having them in real time is perfect.
Anthony Leblanc
Lawyer and student after work